Myrrh (mir) is the original landing site and port. It is where the original riders and hearts of the fall of Tiamat landed when exploring the island. It is even rumored that the name of the village was made by Lina, the second leader of the Riders. No one is quite sure why it is named Myhrr as that knowledge is lost to time.

With advent of air travel directly to the mountain city of Dragon’s Rest and the loss of need for most sea travel, Myhrr it is now simply a fishing village and rest stop.

Places of Interest in Myhrr

Bronze Landing – Inn/Pup
The Greasy Gear – Machinist/Blacksmith
Lavender’s Potions and Lotions – Alchemist Shop
Greenies Greens – Herbalist
Stor’s Shoes – Cobbler

Multiple empty storefronts


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