Dragon's Rest

Originally Known as Dracoristo’rey, the mountain/city is now called simply Dragon’s Rest.

The facility and City around are a bustling metropolis greater than any city in the world.

Scientific advances have brought the greatest advances to its peoples and the island is truly a melting pot of every land. It is considered neutral territory for all nations and only the law of the riders holds weight. because of this, it has become the go to trading hub for all types of goods, including some illicit ones of late.

While it is roundly denied, evidence points to several dock and constabulary officials being willing to look the other way for compensation when illegal trade, or trade without paying the tariffs are made.

Dragon’s Rest the home to the Order of the Dragon Riders and the School for prospective riders. It is also where the only known gateway to the hidden dragon hatchery is located.

Places of Interest

Rusty Anchor – Bar
Dragon’s Flight – Inn/Pub
Dragon Rider’s School
Kelemvor’s Temple
The Catacombs

Dragon's Rest

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