Calimshan is a place of deep jungles and broad deserts. Located south of the Sword Coast, the land of Calimshan is dark and mysterious, even after centuries of exploration. There are places deep in the central desert which have never been fully explored.

The heat and extreme wind make travelling by airship very risky and to this day, any ship caught in a sandstorm has disappeared, never to be seen again.

The coastal region is a dense rain forest, hot and humid year round. The coast has many coves and inlets and is a frequent wintering place for pirates and other criminals wanted on the Sword Coast.

It is rumored that an ancient civilization once roamed the desert and occasionally, great ruins will appear after a sandstorm, only to just as quickly disappear after the next storm passes.

Calimshan is governed by a strict ruler who demands respect. It is rumored he has an allegiance with the Gin and works closely with the residents of the City of Brass


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