King of Baubles


The plump and extravagant Farron is a minor thief lord — not quite at the level of a Thieves’ Guild grandmaster, but one or two rungs down from that kind of position. His specialty? Underground trade in magical items, relics, and lore about such devices — as well as information about their owners.

Farron is the guy you talk to if you need to find a buyer for an item with magical properties — or if you need to acquire one.

He is not, however, a “magic store.” Whatever items he has, he keeps to himself. Instead, Farron is a broker. A matchmaker between seller and collector. Goods pass through his hands but never linger, if he touches them at all.

In the course of doing his business, the self-titled King of Baubles collects information about items in his city — who has them, what they do, whether the individuals might be open to selling, how dangerous the owners are, whether they are sloppy about their personal security, and what kinds of influence or leverage might work on them. Farron also collects information about possible buyers — interests, funds, assets other than funds (like political leverage) that might be useful.

And, drawing on the information he has collected, Farron attempts to broker deals for percentages.

If someone with enough influence wants an item badly enough, and an owner is unwilling to part with the sort or item, then Farron might arrange for acquisition of the item by deception, stealth, or force.

But Farron is highly particular about which people he abuses. Stay on his good side, and he’s a useful ally. Cross him, even unintentionally, and he can be a dangerous foe.




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