Welcome to the future.

1500 years have passed since the Fall of Tiamat and the scattering of the Cult of the Dragon. Since then, the world has not remained the same.

Great advances in science and society have shaped the course of history in ways that the original Heroes could never foresee. The rise of the Order of the Dragon Riders has helped usher in a new age of technology and magic. Instead of being ruled by lords and kings, most peoples are a part of a great democracy with the Riders as their police and conscience. But with great power comes corruption and possibly a return to ways of the past. Also, Dragons that are not part of the Order are being spotted in places where they should not exist and some riders seem to be seeking personal power and glory rather than seeking honor and justice. Finally a new threat seems to lay just over the horizon as forces start to align themselves against the peace the Riders have brought. Riders have gone missing and there are rumors that a new order has formed outside of the original’s control.

Now a new group of heroes is beginning their journey to greatness in a world filled with intrigue and politics. Not privy to the corruption, they begin their education and travels, seeking to bring honor to the Order.

Nothing is as it seems and while the adventurers piece together the past, will they be able to save the future from the Riders themselves? Will they find the missing riders and can the unravel the tangled web that is in their path before that web entangles them and drags them away?

Only Time will Tell….

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1500 AT

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