Dragon Rider's School

The Dragon Riders School is one of the most elite training facilities in the world. Students and scholars come from around the world to study in its sacred halls.

While originally focused on training prospective riders only, the school has expanded its scope over the centuries to include studies in every discipline. Only the most deserving students are allowed to join and only the top of their classes allowed a chance to bond a dragon.

In the last 100 years, there have been several calls for the school to open itself to more students and it has become so exclusive that only the richest and best tutored were able to enter. After the debacle with the Warforged creations of the Dragon’s Rest Foundries, the school has made available 20% of it’s yearly openings available to those who would not ordinarily be able to attend. While many of these do go on to become riders, they must fight through the prejudice attached to them by those who consider them as “freeloaders” on the school.

Places of Interest in the Dragon Riders School

The First Rider’s offices
Shrine to the Fallen
Rider’s Aerie
Flight Training Field
Temple to Bahamut

Dragon Rider's School

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