High Priest of Kelemvor


Stor4642 is one of the Storites, a special sect of priests serving in the temple of Kelemvor. They are only found on Dracosee’ere and are all known by the name Stor and a number.

This is done in remembrance of the most beloved brother of the original founder of the temple on Dracosee’ere, Priestess Tesserae, the one who rejected death to finish her quest from Kelemvore himself and who is rumored to even have been his avatar among us.

Each acolyte of Kelemvor takes on the name of Stor upon their acceptance in the temple for service. To prevent confusion, each takes the next number found in the Book of Stor.

Stor4642 is the current High Priest and was raised only recently. He is the youngest High Priests ever raised by the Storites and is still learning the secrets of the Stor




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