Sergeant Obenauf

No Nonsense Master Sergeant for New Students


Sergeant Obenauf is a Dwarven fighter of uncertain level. He always seems to be just a step better than any student he faces, no matter their prowess.. He is as stern as he is stout, but he has been known to look the other way when students needed to “get things done”


Sergeant Obenauf’s first name seems to be lost as no one knows it. It is either that or those who do know it are not brave enough to use it. He was a bonded rider, but lost his dragon, a white named Rithitor, in the disastrous battle for CandleKeep in the war with Cormyr.

He was then given command of a regiment of warforged soldiers. His units were hugely successful, mostly attributed to then Captain Obenauf’s treatment of the warforged as equals with the other races. He was demoted and relegated to his current role when he did not put down the growing calls for independence and equality in his unit once the war was over.

He hates the slide in honor he is starting to see in the riders and he has decided to use his post to try and influence the newest riders toward the original mission of the Riders as an Order


Sergeant Obenauf

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