A nice guy that's quick to quote The Great Tim.


Raaalik is a young adult Kobold who is usually wearing a smile and eager to converse with any friendly person. He wears a long leather jacket that has obviously been pieced together from worn out clothing. On his head is a too large worn felt hat, a gift from a former co-worker.
Sometimes you can see a homemade tarp covered wagon trailing behind him, carrying his precious books, papers, and nicknacks.


Raaalik lives in the Kobold slums of Waterdeep, the second eldest of 9 children. His family stays in a tenement building that only has three holes in the roof and a door that actually shuts! All of his hard earned wages go toward supporting his parents and the many children still living at home.

He works as a mechanic at the docks under the supervision of Voss, a human who hates all minority races. Raaalik never complains, even when assigned the dirtiest and hardest jobs. Two ten day ago, while working in the belly of an airship, a vision appeared to Raaalik. He saw The Great Tim within the depths of an engine gem. As the Great Tim gestured to him, Raaalik felt a tremendous shock shoot through his body. It started at his feet and exited through his head. This energy staggered him, scorching his coat and hat. That night he dreamed of floating hands, crackling bursts of energy, muted dissonant voices, and hideous laughter.Upon waking he saw holes in the wall and realized he somehow caused the damage. The new power he possessed frightened him. He swore never to harm anyone with it. Surely The Great Tim would soon tell him the meaning of these terrifying spells. Raaalik soon used his new found abilities at work. A mechanic can always use an extra hand. The energy bursts did a great job of prying apart metal. However, he always made sure no one saw this. Kobolds have enough problems without showing off. Soon after The Great Tim’s blessing, Voss announced that he would select three people for training. They would travel to DracoSerre and study at the Temple. Raaalik wanted desperately to be chosen. The Temple had a vast library with many writings about The Great Tim. It was rumored that some of the books were even written by The Great One Himself!!! Raaalik believed if he proved himself with extra hard work then Voss’ heart would soften and he might be chosen. The day of the announcement came. Excitement was the only thing keeping Raaalik standing, he was so tired from all the extra work. Voss called out the names. One was a minor noble from a fallen house, one a distant relative of a politician, one a former girlfriend. Raaalik was crushed. He wanted to go sooo badly. Suddenly it was as if someone else took control of his body. After the crowd dispersed he walked over to Voss. Raaalik heard his voice say flattering things to Voss, then suggest there would be room for a special

probationary position that had to be filled by a minority candidate. Voss immediately wrote a writ of passage for Raaalik.

Good fortune seldom visits a Kobold. It must be The Great One’s will for Raaalik to go! He quickly packed his wagon, kissed his family goodby, and was on the boat within the hour. It was a very bad thing to trick Voss. Raaalik felt remorse during the entire voyage but who was he to deny The Great Tim’s wishes. Surely it was Tim’s will to make this trek. Was it not the Powers of Tim that got him on the boat? This is going to be totally awesome! That is unless Voss has the city guard waiting to arrest him upon arrival.


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