Mitchell "Mitch" Osus

The guy who would love to see you fail


Mitchell “Mitch” Osus is a 5th cycle student in the Dragon Rider’s Academy. Mitch is your typical well supported, super intelligent, dashing, and daring… bully.

He comes from a family which is in the upper-crust of Waterdeep, decedents of a former masked Lord of Waterdeep, the Osus family has made its fortune selling weapons and armor through the Sword Coast. There are rumors they sold to both sides in the war with Cormyr, however, any who could have testify to this fact died during the final days of the war.

Mitch personally hates those whom he considers inferior. He only tolerates them when they seem useful to his plans, but he is quick to discard them if they cease to be of use. He disdains any whom he feels gets more than they should, especially if he thinks they are getting special treatment he feels he should be getting instead.

He has many in the faculty who treat him well due to his family contacts, others who do not see his intolerance and do not believe reports others make. There are also a few whom his family has blackmailed into leaving him alone. The only one who cannot be fooled by Mitch is the wise and well-worn Sarge.



Mitchell "Mitch" Osus

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