Malachite Philobauxite

Deep Gnome with a Love of Mechanics


This mild mannered, non adventuring Svirfneblin has traveled from the underdark to the surface for just one reason, to learn as much about advanced physical and mechanical principles in the academy that has the best to offer, which everyone knows is at Draco Sierre. While some would consider the travel itself to be a grand adventure, Malachite shrugs it off as just a small step to get to his ultimate goal, which is learning everything that there is to know about each and every type of airship and then applying those principles. In fact, when he first jumped from a perfectly good hovering platform several miles high just to study the effects of freefall on some of his more delicate mechanical devices up close and personal, there was no adrenaline rush or any of that other funny business that the wild eyed heroic types would often brag about, rather there was a simple desire to perfect the mathematics and repeat the experiments again. As a pragmatist, everything can be solved by calm and rational actions that are well informed and calculated. There is very little time for thrills, artsy and nonsensical emotional distractions, or anything that keeps him from his mathematics, hard sciences, and studies involving the multiverse’s physical interactions with magic. As such, he has trained himself in magic and lore, and has discovered that his natural talents allow him to sculpt magic best by using what his people called the charismatic arts. He has no trouble playing a quick tune to produce a magical effect since to him it is a language that the multiverse seems to understand, but he may get annoyed when crowds start to gather and ask for more. Yes, he is a Bard.


Malachite comes from a long and proud tradition of deep ore miners, and the Philobauxite family is well respected amongst the Svirfneblin’s underdark community. His brothers and sisters are motivated by rocks, ore, mining, gems, metal, mining… and even more mining! Had Malachite chosen to go to the surface and learn art or poetry he would likely have become an outcast, but the field of machinery is actually somewhat respected where he comes from as most of his people view it as a new and creative way to shape rocks. While most Svirfneblin that run off to the surface to do oddball surfacy things are rarely spoken of again, his parents are frequently asked by friends and neighbors how he is doing, and when he will be bringing his engineering genius back to the underdark to build machines closer to home.

Malachite Philobauxite

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