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The Dragonriders of Dracosee’ere are a proud tradition. They consist of the bravest, the strongest, and the wisest of their generation. To stand in their presence is to stand in the presence of greatness. And Jinx is there, too.

Most have no idea why the riders put up with what is essentially a little elven kid who drinks too much, is always in trouble for brawling, and is more likely to get distracted by fresh biscuits in the mess than to finish doing whatever she’s supposed to do. But for some reason that even she doesn’t understand, they do.

Just under 5’ tall and built like pair of noodles tied to a popsicle stick, Jinx is not physically impressive at a glance. However, she moves with an unconscious grace that belies a finely honed physique dedicated to speed and accuracy. If she doesn’t stumble; she probably will, because she’s probably tipsy. She recovers amazingly, though.

Jinx wears mismatched clothes that are usually too large for her, stitched up or hemmed to not get in her way. Her footwear is usually mismatched- I’m talking left foot sandal, right foot hobnail boot- and in general, her dress gives the impression of very little care. The exception is her hair, worn in a long (past the small of her back) braid, the end of which has a steel holy symbol of Corellon woven into it. Her hair is neat, clean and well kept.


Jinx came to Dracosee’ere looking for news on her half-brother, who had left home many years ago to join the Dragonrider organization. She followed his trail here, only to find he had died in battle. Not wanting to return home (she has problems with her mother and her father is very remote), she instead decided to go on a rampage of drinking and fighting.

Along the way, she encountered an elven monk who taught her to channel that anger and chemically-induced cerebral impairment into a monastic philosophy involving agility, awareness and instinct that can be unleashed fully only by turning off the intellect.

She returned to Dracosee’ere, insisting to know who killed her brother so that she could get revenge. The response was that out of respect for her brother, they would tell her, but only once she had proven herself. She tries, but frequent missteps have kept her frustrated and wondering just how much they’ll put up with.

After getting in a brawl that (temporarily) got someone killed, Jinx has realized that she’s on her last chance. Realizing that if she messes up again, she’ll never learn what happened to her brother, she’s trying to not get in too much trouble. She’s not good at that, though.

After a successful turn at the festival, Jinx was thinking she had everything under control. Then she got a dragon. That was outside of her plan, and she’s not sure how she feels about it. She thinks it’s pretty, though. (OOC: Tarnished Copper Green and Yellow? Go Packers!)


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