Airiel Sashelas

Demi-goddess of the sea?


Airiel Sashelas is a mixed genasi (part air genasi and part water genasi), though she does not know this. The temple priest and the people in her city believe her to be the demi-goddess daughter of Deep Sashelas, an elven god of the ocean, and they treat her accordingly. As genasi are uncommon, they have never seen one and mistakenly take her uniqueness as divinity.

She appears to be a 5’8” elf with typical pointed ears (though larger than normal), however…something is off. She could be half-elf, maybe….but that doesn’t seem quite right either. She glistens slightly due to the small beads of water on her skin, which is pale and whitish-blue, giving her something of a sickly look.

Her wavy aqua hair is usually worn loose and streams behind her, even when there is no wind to move it. She often decorates her hair with coral combs carved into the shape of a dolphin.

Airiel is clothed in very high quality cleric robes in varying shades of blue. The blues intersect and twist in a pattern that looks like waves. Her robe gives the sensation of constant movement, which matches her restlessness. She doesn’t care to sit still and frequently paces. It is mesmerizing to watch her walk; she has an otherworldly grace about her and almost appears to be floating (though she is not).


A prayer from The Great Book of the Sea:

Divine Deep Sashelas, give us the strength of tides and aid our endeavors to preserve the grandeur of your aquatic realm. Divine Dolphin Prince, bless our care of your sacred creatures. Divine Lord of the Undersea, always be with us. Blessed be the Sea.

It was that second to last line religious scholars had debated over for years. “Always be with us”. Was that to be taken literally or figuratively?

The elven high priest of the Temple of Dolphins had thought the latter, but now he knew better. For he was the one who had found Airiel.

An abandoned baby on the doorstep of the temple with a note reading, “A gift from Deep Sashelas”. Sure, the priest had thought at the time, taking in the baby as duty dictated. But over time, he began to wonder. Though she had the looks of an elf, she was not a typical elven child (or any kind of typical child). She took to the water like no worldly creature, easily swimming with the sacred dolphins, and even breathing underwater with them. Her skin had a faintly bluish tint and also shimmered lightly with beads of moisture that couldn’t be wiped dry.

After much research and consultation with other high priests, it was concluded Airiel was of divine origin. Of course, she was not completely divine, but didn’t The Great Book record many tales of amorous interludes between Deep Sashelas and mortal sea elves?

The high priest immediately appointed the child as guardian and protector of the Temple of the Dolphins. He personally undertook her spiritual training as a tempest cleric and looked after her himself. As a demi-goddess, the priest and residents of the city worshipped her as they worshipped Deep Sashelas himself. Festivals were held in her honor, offerings made to her, and some even prayed directly to her. Airiel soon became the most important figure in the city.

Yes, Airiel was a gift from above, a demi-goddess….the daughter of the Undersea. Sent to literally “always be with us”.

But now she was leaving. Airiel had received a vision in her dreams as she slept. She was to travel to a place called Dracosee’ere. No reason was given, but of course no reason was needed. She would follow the god’s wishes.

Airiel Sashelas

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