1500 AT

Basic Guidelines

Character Creation and more

NOTE: This is subject to change to address balance and functional issues. If you see issues with the guidelines, please let me know so we can address them

General Information and Base Rules for 1500 AT

The Game will average at least 50% to 60% Role-Play focus. This will vary on events and encounters, but will hold true most of the time

With the following exceptions, the base rule set for 1500 AT is 5e.

The following source material is available for use in building a character
• Player’s Handbook
• Dungeon Master’s Guide
• Tyranny of Dragons story line backgrounds and spells
○ Hoard of the Dragon Queen
○ Rise of Tiamat
• Elemental Evil story line backgrounds and spells
○ Princes of the Apocalypse
• Rage of Demons story line backgrounds and spells
○ Out of the Abyss
• Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
• Custom Backgrounds as discussed with the DM
• New Backgrounds included below

Character Building and Advancement

All Character concepts, Backgrounds, Ideals, Flaws, Etc should be communicated to the DM prior to the game. I am open to any secrets or connections between players, past and present, and encourage story and role play. Faction Alignment will be discussed as a part of game play, or in secret with the PC as it is assumed that level 1 PCs will start with no factions.

Advancement will be done using milestones and communicated by the DM

Ability Scores are to be done via Point Buy with a base of 29 points.

NOTE: NO ability score can be below 6 and any scores below 8 will result in disadvantage on Saving Throws, Skill and Ability Checks using that Ability.

All races in the above source material are available, including

• Aarakocra
• Genasi
• Goliath
• Deep Gnome – Svirneblin
• Eladrin – Elf Subrace (DMG pg 286)

In addition, the following races are considered playable with the stated limitations, and on DM approval. Consult with the DM for other abilities (Speed, etc.) and starting statistics.

• Kobold – Not Sunlight Sensitive, -2 to strength, +2 to Dexterity.
○ Special Note: Strength based attacks will be with disadvantage is Strength score is below 8
• Orc – +2 to Strength, – 2 to Intelligence
• Ogre – +4 to Strength, -4 to Intelligence, -2 to Wisdom – Large

The following are available, but will need to be built by the DM and Player together

• Warforged – Mechanical Man
• Half-Dragonborn
• Aasimar – Celestial Decendant (DMG Pg 286)

No Evil Alignments are allowed unless cleared by the DM prior to the first game.

General Knowledge of Events

Only those trained in history, with the Sage background, or that are a Member of the Order of the Dragon Riders will reliably know anything of the events in the last 750 years. Only Dragon Riders above 5th level will know most of the history accurately. All other PCs will know only the last 100 years reliably until informed by others. All other history will be mythical to you. Use your imaginations. Perhaps the Fall of Tiamat is only Symbolic to you and did not really occur.


All life spans for races have been altered due to the change in the weave caused by event in Rise of Tiamat and After Tiamat, including adventures that have not yet been played out. The new average max ages are as follows:

• Dwarves – 200 years, claims adulthood at 35
• Elves (All Subraces) – 400 years, claims adulthood at 60
• Halfling – 130 years, claims adulthood at 20
• Human – 120 years, claims adulthood at 17
• Dragonborn – Same as Human
• Gnomes (all Subraces) – 300 years, claims adulthood at 40
• Half-Elf – 150 years, claims adulthood at 17
• Half-Orcs – 100 years, claims adulthood at 14
• Orcs – 80 years, claims adulthood at 14
• Ogre – 60 years, claims adulthood as early as 6
• Tiefling – Same as Human
• Goliath – Same as Human, claims adulthood at 14
• Aarokroca – 50 years, claims adulthood at 4
• Kobold – Same as Orcs
• Half-Dragonborn – Same as Human
• Aasimar – Same as Halfling
• Warforged – Infinite as long as repairs are made, however none are older than 120 at the start of the adventure.

New Backgrounds and Skills

This is a list of custom Backgrounds available for 1500 AT

Child of the Riders

A child of a rider or riders, you have spent your whole life anticipating the day of your bonding, or you have resisted the day with all of your might
Proficiencies – Draconic, Land Vehicles, Persuasion, and History
Starting Equipment – Same as Noble
Feature – Same as Noble


This new world has seen an increase in technology. Who needs Magic when you have Steam and Steel
Proficiencies – Mechanics, Slight of Hand, Mechano (Language), Mechanics Tools
Starting Equipment – Mechanics tool set, Parcel of spare parts, small copper gear, belt pouch with 15 gold
Feature – Mechanic’s Touch – You can figure out the workings of most mechanical devices given time. You have advantage on all Mechanics(INT) checks for determining the workings of s device or machine that is mechanical and not magical in nature

Relic of War (Warforged only) – See DM

Child of the Cult

You can trace your past to the cult who tried to do the unthinkable. You are not certain of its goals, however you do feel the shame of it hovering near. You are always wondering what will happen if others find out about your heritage.
Proficiencies – Deception, Slight of Hand, Thieves Tools, Gaming Set
Starting Equipment – Thieves Tools, Old cult sigil passed down from your parents, small dragon scale, one gaming set, a belt pouch with 10 gold
Feature – Honor Among One’s Own – Children of the Cult have learned to recognize one another and assist, sometimes openly, sometimes secretly, and can be called upon in a crisis. You have advantage on all insight checks to determine if another is a Child of the Cult and advantage on Persuasion (CHR) checks with other children of the cult


Science can approximate Magic, if enough time is taken. The Alchemist has studied how elements combine to create something new and wonderful, and most likely very dangerous.
Proficiencies – Chemistry, Nature, Chemist’s Kit, poisoner’s kit
Starting Equipment – Chemist Kit, Solid Lump from a failed chemical reaction, vial of unidentified liquid, water skin filled with purified water, and a belt pouch with 16 gold
Feature – Mixologist – As a Alchemist, you can tell if a body of water is fit to drink or food is good to eat. Advantage on all Chemistry checks to determine safety of food or water

The following are new skills that can be added and trained


Dragon Riders

If you wish your Player to be incorporated into the Order of the Dragon Riders, please confirm with the DM prior to the first table. I will need to know your preferred color of Dragon. All colors, Chromatic and Metallic are available. All Dragons will be NPCs at this time. The player will have great sway over the dragon, but the Rider must always remember this is a partnership with a sentient creature, not a pet to be owned.

The Bonding will take place once the Characters reach Level 3 and new features will be added to your character in addition to the normal progression of your selected class. This will be detailed when we arrive at that point in the story

Hero Points

You will receive one Hero Point per level, capped at 6 Hero Points. These reset when your character advances levels.

Further Information will be coming and as always, ask any questions


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